Many playgrounds are still as you remember. The slides? Still climbing up, still going down. The swings? Get in the seat and pump. But some playgrounds today seem to have as many shapes and movements in their equipment as the imagination can handle.

Dynamo Industries, Rockland, ON, Canada, is an example of going with non-traditional playground design. Take rotating climbers. “Many of us played on merry-go-rounds when we were kids and then safety became an issue,” says Robert Lockhart, safety compliance officer and business development manager for Dynamo Industries. “Rotating climbers are a way back to some of that fun. One of our Apollos spins 13 feet tall and even 35 or 60 kids could play on it. It’s made of steel cable with nylon sheathing.” Spinning 360 degrees, they utilize a bearing system for both speed and safety.


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